All Aces Poker

Online Video Poker has many variations, but the principle of the game remains standard. All Aces Poker is among the video poker games that come with many improved features. The game creators try to bring variations in standard games so that they can offer something new to the players.

For example, this variation comes with a unique 4-of-a-kind bet. The game also comes packed with high-value multipliers.

The game is rated at a staggering 99.02% RTP and it can be played via multiple devices including mobiles and tablets.

How to Play All Aces Poker?

All Aces Poker is played using the standard 52-deck of playing cards. Like other casino games, after each deal, all cards are shuffled. An interesting twist to the game is the exclusion of the jokers.

The game starts with you placing the bet by selecting the number of coins from 1 to 5. After this, the dealer deals with 5 cards. You will then choose to keep or discard any card. Remember that you can replace any card once at a certain fee.

For this variant of Video Poker, the four of a kind winning can be made as follows:

  • From deuces to fours
  • From fives to kings
  • Then there are aces and they will be paid out in increasing order.

If you form a combo with 4 aces and your initial bet is between 1 to 4 coins, you will earn the highest payout in the game. Placing a stake with 5 coins, you will get a payout equivalent to a royal flush. The Royal Flush pays up to 1000 coins on a 4-coin stake and 4000 coins for a bet of 5 coins. This means that 4000 is the highest payout in the game.

Gamble Feature

You can also gamble your winnings in All Aces Poker. It is quite simple; all you have to do is put your earnings on the line for a chance to double your winnings.

While playing this round, you have to pick one of four hole cards. Also, there will be a faceup card.  The card you pick must be of a higher value than the faceup card. If you make a correct choice, your reward is doubled. If the card is of lower value, you lose all your winnings.

Top Casinos To Try This Game

100% Welcome Bonus
Up To £200
T&C Apply
100% Welcome Bonus
Up To £200
T&C Apply
Bonus Up To £300
Bet £10 get £30
T&C Apply

House edge

Of all video poker games, All Aces can boast of a lower house edge compared to the rest as low as 0.08%. It means that you have a 99.92% chance to win, which is an exceptionally high return to the player.

To Sum Up

All Aces Poker is a magnificent variant of standard Video Poker. Also, the game is easy to understand and play. So, if you are a Poker fan, this one is worth checking out.


Name: All Aces Poker
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 12/11/2018