What are the rules to play Live Poker?

Online gambling has made playing Poker from the comfort of your home a reality. Today, there are more than 600 sites that allow Poker aficionados opportunities to play live Poker from anywhere and anytime.

It’s best to have the rule book and some strategies on your fingertips prior to approaching any casino game. When it comes to playing Live Poker you may want to capture a win from every moment of the game and here’s how you can do so.

Know all about Live Poker

– Make hands from five random cards in a way that you beat your opponent players with a better ranking hand
– Bet on a hand stronger than your opponents.
– Make a forced bet to begin the game.
– Call a bet to match the amount
– Raise it for a new maximum
– Fold it when ready to lose money stake in the round.
– When one player folds, others win by default
– If no one folds, players reveal hands and compare to see who wins.

Most live Poker versions use the rules followed in Texas Hold’Em. This version of the game distributes two cards instead of five. Moreover, there are five other cards commonly held by all players which are dealt with in the middle of the table. Each player gets to make a hand of 5 with these cards.

Live Poker engages one-on-one setup where you could be competing against an actual dealer. In such instances, your game is against the live dealer and not against other players. Here, you can bet on the strength of your hand much like in the video Poker game.

Live Poker types

There are quite a few Poker variants available online. The most common include:

Straight Poker: This starts with 3 cards each distributed to all players, followed by a round of betting. There’s not much scope for applying strategies in this form of the game.

Stud Poker: In this version of the game, cards are dealt in a combination where every player can see a few cards of the other players face up and some as face down. Here, you can make a hand of 5 cards. This can be played as seven card stud too. Variants of this are popular in the Live Poker segment offered by top online casinos.

Draw Poker:  This involves dealing an entire set of cards face down to the players. Betting starts and players have the chance to discard the unwanted card or even draw more with a hope to form a stronger hand. This is akin to video Poker with 5 card draw as the most common variant.

‘Flop’ Poker:  Also known as community card Poker, here you will be given face down cards and some face-up cards to be shared by all players. You will have to combine the cards with the common cards to make your hand of 5 cards. Common examples of this mechanic are Texas Hold’Em and Omaha.


Name: What are the rules to play Live Poker?
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 27/06/2018